Learning Management System (LMS)

General Features

W3C compliant web-based interface.
Cross Platform Compatibility (Windows, MAC, Linux, Unix).
Multi language support for both content & GUI interface.
Publishing capabilities and publishing period control for program groups, programs, training categories, courses, course categories & schedules.
AJAX Technologies.

Solution Core(Available for All Modules)

Users management : Managing users, user profiles, Export/ Import users (CSV format)
User Groups management : Managing user groups for security purposes
Security & Permission : Control of user accessibility and rights
Communication Channels : Emails and Mobile SMS
Common Settings : Countries list, cities list, etc...

Learning Management System

Modules & Features

Training Sites : Multiple training sites support, address, location, maps, facilities and .
Instructors : Instructors management, Demographic info, qualifications, Upload Photo, CV
Classrooms : Classroom management, allocation conflict detection, capacity control
Reports : Seats Allocations
Program Groups : Grouping Programs
Programs : Program Certification, Web Publishing
Training Categories : Grouping of programs
Courses : Managing Courses, Content, Course Outlines, Export/ Import, Course Certification
Course Categories : Grouping of courses
Schedules : Schedule Management, Managing Max Enrollments, Conflict Detection, Auto Scheduling, Lectures Bulk Operations (shifting dates, changing instructor, changing classroom, changing course), fees, announcements.
My schedules (instructor) : Instructor assigned schedules
Scheduling Plans : Auto scheduling templates
Course Materials : Course text books list, supporting publications, and media
Reports : Different kind of program & course inventory, schedules based on courses, dates, instructor, and locations.
Students:Students Management, Demographic info, Import/ Export, Upload Photo
Enrollments:Student enrollment in schedules, enrollment status, shifting students, holding, and cancelations
Attendance:Student attendance, absence, tardy, lecture attendance tracking, total attendance and percentage calculations, student quota warning, students and parents SMS notification
Waiting List:Temporary student placement, and shifting between schedules and waiting lists
Waiting Students:Pending enrollment listing, student track enrollment status
Prerequisites:Student enrollment prerequisites control for students
Reports:Enrollment inventory, seats allocation statistics
Exams Definition:Defining Course Exams, Exam Passing Scores, Number of Attempts, retake options, scaling and Weights.
Examiners:Examiners management, Exams-Examiners mapping
Exam Scheduling:Scheduling exam dates location locations
Testing Docs Archive:Repository of historical exam papers
Seats Management:Managing exam location seats and students
Reports:Exam inventory
Grade Management:Grading Definitions, grade style options, GPA calculation
Student Grades:Student grades entries, historical grades
Testing Results:Exam results entries, emailing results
Certifications:Transcript templates, customization, HTML & PDF
Reports:Success failure statistics, schedules average grades, training sites average grades
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